Doer Systems Services


  • Keynote Speaker on:
  1. 7 Critical Keys to Marketing Success
  2. How to get the most from your employees and have them enjoy work more…Really!
  3. Setting up Mentoring Groups that operate like a Mastermind Group
  4. Keys to Accelerated Learning for the Information age
  5. Text Marketing…Does it Work?
  6. Sales Training…How to Read a Prospect in seconds.
  • Business Coaching
  • Done for you Marketing Solutions
  1. Website Design and development
  2. Text Marketing
  3. Content Creation for Websites and Podcasts
  4. Website, Podcast, Radio, TV Marketing and Promotion
  • TV Show Host to create Infomercials for Clients
  • Radio Show Host and Marketer to build your listeners fast using online tools
  • Information Product Development
  • Facilitates Mastermind Groups in the DFW area (A form of Alternative Board)

Contact Pat at or his office at 817-368-6843

What others say:

“Pat is a gifted and passionate communicator who commands his audience with balanced intellect, humor, teaching and humility. He has the ability to deliver a structured, well thought out content while maintaining the flexibility necessary to read and adapt to the particular audience in front of him.

“I would strongly recommend Patrick for consideration as a speaker for your organization and would welcome any further inquiry you may care to make.” –Danny P. Blevins, President, The Road Adventure

Jody Robert, Community Education Representative, Grace Hospice (colleague)worked directly with you“Patrick Dougher is an extremely gifted teacher and speaker. I spent more
than a year with Patrick in the seminar he directed at The Road Adventure. It
is a personal growth and development seminar. I received an abundance of
practical tools from Patrick to immediately employ both personally and
professionally. Patrick’s gifts of teaching and speaking are used for more
than dispensing information. He is able to break it down to the practical and
useful for you. Thus, his gifts of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration
are also manifested. I’m eternally grateful, I was able to spend over a year
learning the tools of successful living from Patrick. It truly changed my
life! If you have a desire to take your personal and professional life to a
new level – you need to get in front of Patrick Dougher and Doer Success
Systems. You will gain the tools in his network groups, business coaching,
and seminars that will truly make a difference in your life. Do yourself a
huge favor, make the investment of your life into the Doer Success Systems.
As Patrick would say, “Just Do It!”” October 3, 2009

Bryan Dodge, President, Dodge Development, Inc. (business partner)was with another company when working with you“I consider Patrick Dougher a very valuable friend of our business. He has
coached us in a number of marketing decisions and is also extremely well
connected in the business community. If your business needs a boost contact
Pat to coach you to the next level!” June 1, 2009

show Jim Rakowitz (client)Jim hired you as a Speaker in 2010Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity“Pat is a really great resource for anyone looking to find out what really
works when it comes to business promotion. His no-nonsense tips are easily
implemented. I have enjoyed working with Pat and highly recommend him!” July
19, 2010

Kirk Revell (client)was your client“I’ve had the honor to work with Patrick in both a professional relationship
and a personal friendship, at which he both excels. People like Patrick not
only motivate you to conquer the task at hand, but to go on and conquer
life.” January 6, 2006

Michael Shreeve (client)Michael hired you as a Personal Trainer in 2007Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity“I attended Patrick’s Essential Speaking Skills workshop in January of 2007.
The skills and practices that I worked on in this two day workshop have given
me much more skills as well as increased confidence in my speaking ability.
The before and after videos that we made showed an absolute turnaround in my
speaking ability. Thank you Patrick!” October 20, 2007

Jack Wrigley, Director of Carrier Sales-The Americas, NCI (colleague)worked directly with you“Pat’s abilities as a speaker are tremendous. His combination of humor and
ethics allows everyone who listens to him better themselves. Pat is a natural
leader. Very capable and completely interested in developing relationships
that are meaningful. Through this effort, Pat creates an environment where
you want to succeed. I recommend Pat 100% and beleive all those that work
with him will come away a better person.” February 12, 2007

Dr. KAZ, President, Competitive Balance (business partner)was with another company when working with you“Patrick is the best people connector I’ve ever met. I’ve watched him present
on several occasions and have referred him for conventions when I am unable
to attend. His gifts of connection, communciation and assisting small
business owners to accellerate to many levels beyond where they are now, is
second to none. If you’re looking for a business coach that will spend as
much time developing you – so you will know how to develop your business –
you’ve found your coach!” August 29, 2008

Luigi Valastro [SHEEP], Account Manager, Cellstar, Ltd (business partner)was a consultant or contractor to you“I can talk all day about Pat ” The Marketing Master Dougher”! Pat is the guy
who everyone loves to love, because he’s just like the Golden Retriever I
wanted as a kid and never got. Always Happy and Never Letting me down;
especially when it comes to being positive and powerfully motivational! Our
paths crossed when we both were selling million dollar cellphone deals and
the first week I ever talked to Pat he said “How can I serve you Luigi!”
Guess what folks, he meant it and means it…. Long Story short: I really
don’t know a better teacher; especially one as gifted as Pat in explaining
Sales & Marketing Strategies in such easy and understandable ways, but that
are so powerful they will change the way you do business Forever! I am proud
to call him my Friend and honored Professional Mentor; this is a fact!!! You
want to know someone who is well connected? He is your guy!” August 23, 2007

Sheila Skiba, graphic designer, East-West Ministries Intl (business partner)was with another company when working with you“Pat is a dynamic speaker! He captivates interest everywhere he goes. It is
always a learning expereince and a time of enlightenment when he is around.
He knows key people in every field and is a PRICELESS GEM to know. So glad
our paths crossed!” August 24, 2007

Robin C. (client)Robin hired you as a Business Consultant in 2008Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative“Patrick is one of those rare professionals that can put you at ease, no
matter how nervous you are, and can help you broadcast your talents and
expertise. I highly recommend working with Pat, he is constantly researching,
experimenting and creating strategies that will give you results.” April 23,
Denai Vaughn “The Networking Queen” (client)Denai hired you as a Business Coaching in 2008Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative“The Business Coaching I have received from Pat continues to help raise the
bar both personally and professionally. They say you need three coaches at
all times – a business coach, a financial coach and a personal coach. I know
many coaches and each brings different attributes to the table. I can count
on Pat for a “cut to the chase, the answer is obvious, all emotions aside and
facts-only” feedback. He knows lots about lots…thus his facilitation of an
Accelerated Learning program – he can read more books in a month than most
Americans do in a lifetime! If you’re looking to grow your business online &
need a tech-savvy business coach, HE’S YOUR MAN!!!” November 13, 2008

Leigh Hilton, attorney, Sawko & Burroughs, P.C. (business partner)was with another company when working with you“Patrick gives excellent advise on growing your company. I have been able to
put many of his ideas to use.” October 18, 2008

James Fell ~ The SEO Expert (client)James hired you as a Business Consultant in 2007 and hired you more than onceTop qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity“Patrick has always given me good advice. I always listen to what Patrick has
to say.” February 25, 2010

Melody Brooke, Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, Founder, The Compassion
Movement (business partner)was with another company when working with you“Patrick has a heart of gold, and the experience as a trainer and speaker to
make a real difference in the world. He is a powerful presenter and a giving
person. His brain is always working to come up with ways to make your
endeavors succeed. His generosity as a friend is invaluable; his expertise
and wisdom unsurpassed. When Patrick is on your team; you can’t lose.”
January 15, 2010
Roy Capers, Managing Principle, Capers Enterprises (colleague)worked directly with you“Patrick is an astute business mentor and coach. He has his own internet
radio program called the Implementors Corner. He leads master mind groups and
provides success training and improvement programs.” May 10, 2008

Debra Felske (client)Debra hired you as a Career Coach in 2006Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative“I have enjoyed working with Pat on a number of marketing projects and master
mind groups. Excellent knowledge of presentation and marketing skills.” April
25, 2008
Tom Weersing, Senior Manager, SendOutCards (colleague)worked with you“Pat’s one of those people that’s difficult to meet. He always has a group of
people around him, he’s always engaged in conversation, and someone else is
waiting to speak with him. It might take you a while, BUT MAKE IT A POINT TO
MEET PAT. Once you meet Pat and get to know him you’ll begin to understand
why there are always people gathered around him. It’s not often you meet
someone as caring and giving and devoted to helping others reach success in
their lives. It’s men like Pat who make the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex a
great community to work and live in.” April 1, 2008
Rob Skiba, Multimedia Director, East-West Ministries (colleague)reported to you“Whether as a close friend or business associate, I’ve learned a great deal
from Pat. He was and is my mentor in the public speaking arena. He is very
professional, skilled, funny and personable – a truly gifted teacher, who can
take virtually any topic and make it fun and easy to understand. If you need
a top-notch motivational coach/speaker for any event, Patrick Dougher is your
man!” August 15, 2006

Jim Rakowitz (client)Jim hired you as a Business Consultant in 2010 and hired you more than onceTop qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity“Patrick brings a fresh and exciting perspective that fills every room he
enters. His stories are captivating and you can tell he thoroughly enjoys
presenting and speaking. If you or your organization are looking for a great
speaker who combines great information with an engaging presentation, then
Pat is the one to call!” April 28, 2011
Toni Lawrence, Freelance Writer, Ron White Enterprises (colleague)reported to you“Patrick is very creative and energetic, and has been extremely important in
helping me to get more freelance writing business. When he sees someone who
is talented and hardworking he goes over and above to help promote them. He
is constantly on the lookout for new ideas, and is a great publicist with a
very long stream of network contacts. I highly recommend him for any position
he wants to pursue, and believe he would be a valuable asset to any
business.” November 22, 2011